by Randy Peyser

This guided book writing program comes to you as an electronic download that contains everything you need to create the content for a book.

Want to be perceived as being a top expert in your field? Writing a book is one of the quickest ways to:

  • Gain credibility and attract more clients

  • Stand out above your competition

  • Get more media exposure and extend your visibility

  • Build your brand

  • Attract JV partners

  • Get new prospects into your pipeline NOW!

You can use your book for back of the room sales when you are speaking, at trade shows, or whenever you want to establish your presence as an expert.


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The Write-A-Book Program guides you page by page to create a book that you can be proud of!

  • Easily overcome objections to: "I don't know how to write or where to begin."
  • Choose from 4 different formats that make it easy to write a successful book
  • Compose a compelling title and back cover text "sell copy"
  • Use your book to upsell your more expensive services and products
  • Complete your book when everything else in your life demands attention.
  • Distinguish between your publishing options and choose one that is right for you.
  • Publicize your finished book online to a huge audience, and more!



Get the Write-A-Book Program!

$300 (money back guarantee)



ELDONNA FERNANDEZ used the Write-A-Book Program to create her book, Heart of a Military Woman. Here she interviews Author One Stop CEO, Randy Peyser, for "Go Pink Magazine".

Yes, you can write a book!

“Randy's Write-A-Book program was simple and easy to follow and understand. As a novice in putting together my first book, I found the program to be everything I needed to guide me through the process. I would recommend the Write-A-Book program for anyone wanting a detailed and comprehensive approach to writing a book. - Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez

You don't have to know where to begin. From your Introduction to your Conclusion, the Write-A-Book Program will guide you through writing each page of your book. It's fun. It's easy. And you can begin today!


Get the Write-A-Book Program!

$300 (money back guarantee)


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Easily create a book to position yourself as an expert! Listen to this podcast with interviewer, Scott Andrews.


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Anyone can write a book using "The Write-a-Book Program." It's very easy to follow. - Nina Amir, author of Setting a Place for God


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