Book Proposals

“Randy, this book proposal is excellent! It’s exactly what I need to take to my team to discuss getting a deal. Usually, I have to hunt down information that’s missing that the author forgot to include. You’ve made this so easy for me to present!” – McGraw-Hill Education Acquisitions Editor

NON-FICTION AUTHORS: A book proposal is mandatory if you want a literary agent or publisher to consider your project. It will be shared by many committees within a publishing house because it is the sales tool they will use to decide if they want to sign you. 

A book proposal is not a query letter. It is a business plan in which we must “prove” the sale of your book in many different categories.

Randy Peyser has written book proposals that have received six-figure deals in bidding wars. She knows exactly what publishers want to see in a book proposal in order to make their buying decisions.

If you would like to learn more about book proposals, contact Randy. Various options are available, depending on whether you want to write your book proposal yourself or have Randy write it entirely for you. 

If you’ve already written your book proposal, Randy will review it for you. She will critique your marketing arch, the presentation of your platform, your promotion plan, the layout and organization of your material, and much more!