We hold a high level of expectation for the books we edit!

Every Author One Stop, Inc. editor has edited many books that have sold to traditional publishers.

We do all different forms of editing, from developmental editing, which involves moving big chunks of text around so your chapters unfold in the right order, through copyediting to improve word choice, fix sentence structure, and correct grammar and punctuation.


1. You will have a brief conversation with Randy Peyser about your book, and she will lay out the plan to help you.

2. You will receive a Confidentiality Agreement.

3. Once you have the Confidentiality Agreement you are welcome to send your manuscript for a bid for a Read Through and Written Analysis. This analysis is important to identify any issues concerning your manuscript that need to be addressed by you. Upon completing the analysis, we can tell you if your manuscript has the potential for a publisher to offer you a book deal.

4. If your manuscript has major issues, we can handle those for you through ghostwriting or developmental editing, or you can do the rewrites based on the notes you receive in the analysis. Sometimes, more than one round of an analysis is necessary if a manuscript needs a major rehaul.

5. Once the analysis is completed and the changes have been made, we will provide a bid for a first-round edit. Many books need only one round of editing. Occasionally, a book will need more than one round of editing.

Here’s what people say about our editing services…